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Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

April 2021 / Inspiration, ACQUABELLA, Fairs and events, Acquawhite

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How to design a bathroom suite

Have you ever thought about merging the bathroom space with the bedroom space? Every day more and more people are taking the plunge and getting a bathroom suite. If you are one of them, please keep reading.

The bathroom: a pleasure for the five senses

Human beings possess five senses that provide us with information from the outside world, and thanks to which we can relate to our environment. In this article, we show you how to play with the senses in order to convert your bathroom into a temple of well-being.

Mediterranean designs in the bathroom

Simple surroundings, natural elements and nothing artificial, are the main characteristics of the Mediterranean designs in the bathroom. Here are some tips to get the most out of your bathroom’s Mediterranean design.

Bathrooms through the decades

The bathrooms have seen more change than most other rooms over the last century. Let us show you in this article bathroom trends over recent years.

Ideas for bathroom wall coverings

Bathroom walls can make all the difference when it comes to impressing our customers and guests. Read on and we’ll reveal some tricks to impress your visitors.

Shower tray or bathtub, which one should we choose?

When it comes to renovating the bathroom, the same question always comes up, which is better? Shower tray or bathtub? In this article, we help you to make the right decision.

Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

Acquabella Virtual Tour. A journey that will transport us through various different scenarios where the Acquabella product is blended with nature, all thanks to technology.

Sharing the bathroom

The bathroom is a space where living together can often create problems. From Acquabella, we have some tips for you which will take the challenge out of sharing the bathroom.

Ideas for the guest bathroom

Having a small auxiliary toilet at home is very useful. We give you the best ideas for the guest bathroom. You’ll make it look like a hotel bathroom!

Five bathroom trends for 2021

The bathroom trends for 2021 have been strongly influenced by the significant changes we experienced in 2020. This year has been challenging, and now it’s time to adapt.

Textures in the bathroom

Textures in the bathroom bring a depth to the room. Playing with combinations of different finishes can give rise to styles that are quite surprising.

Inspiration for renovating a bathroom

Looking for inspiration to renovate a bathroom is an arduous task that requires time and dedication. How can I create the look I want? Where can I find inspiration? Will I get the style right? In this article, we lay out a guide to make the process easier for you.

How to achieve a sense of spaciousness in small bathrooms

Decorating a small bathroom is challenging. The main priority is to achieve a sense of spaciousness, so the room feels more comfortable.

How to create a Zero Waste bathroom

If you think you should be doing something for the planet, starting by reducing the waste you throw away in the bathroom can be a good first step. We’ll show you how to create a Zero Waste bathroom.

Inspiring destinations for decorating your bathroom

It is possible to travel without even leaving your home. We are travelling to various different destinations via inspirational bathroom decor.

Welcome nature into your bathroom to escape the stress of everyday life

We all have dynamic and stressful lifestyles. Introducing elements to our bathrooms that allude to nature, enhances the calming power of this room.

Acquabella bespoke worktops

Main bathroom or guest bathroom? For families, couples or just for one? Big or small? We help you choose the ideal Acquabella bespoke worktop for every occasion.

Solutions for dividing a bathroom into separate spaces

Bathrooms are usually spread across one large single space. However, sometimes you can visually divide the room to create separate private spaces.

Three ways to combine the colour black in your bathroom

Black is always a very risky choice for combining with other colours in a bathroom. However, there are some very interesting options.

Optimizing the bathroom layout

It’s essential to establish the minimum distances that will allow a better layout of the bathroom furniture, thereby making the most of the space.

Bathroom trends for 2020

2020 is fast approaching, so here is a summary of the main trends and styles that will take centre stage in the coming year.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

It’s possible to turn your home bathroom into a relaxing spa where you can leave stressful days behind if you consider the following tips and suggestions.

Urban, Acquabella’s most cosmopolitan bathroom space

Urban Collection embodies Acquabella’s most cosmopolitan feature in the bathroom space.

Quiz, the star of Acquabella’s new collection

Geometry as an art form, as abstract as it is real. Harmony and contrast. Futurism and functionality.

Bathroom decoration: Ideas and Trends

Over the course of the year, we have seen the consolidation of the new trends in the decoration of your bathroom.

How do colours influence our mood?

Colours can evoke endless feelings, emotions and memories for us. They directly affect our mood so take note of these tips for applying colour psychology in your bathroom.

How to choose the right shower tray? (II)

More questions to keep in mind when deciding our ideal shower tray.

How to choose the right shower tray? (I)

What aspects are fundamental? The right choice can save us real problems after installation.

Turn your bathroom into a bright space

Simple tips to get more amplitude and luminosity in your bathroom.

High definition textures for your shower tray

Acquabella proposes an integral and highly exclusive bathroom design, marked by the combination of textures and visual games.