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Opal Quiz, the bathtub revolution

March 2021 / Advice, ACQUABELLA

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Committed to Environmental Transparency

We have carried out the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our range of bathroom solutions in an exercise of environmental transparency.

Sakura, Acquabella’s Japanese-inspired booth at Cersaie 2023

Acquabella’s proposal caused a sensation thanks to the unique atmosphere emanating from its Japanese-inspired design.

Season Colours, the New Trendy Tones by Acquabella

Acquabella presents a unique selection of trendy colours to bring freshness and style to the bathroom.

New grid designs: Mia, Geo and Lux

We introduce new customization options for the Base and Arq models with three grid designs: Mia, Lux, and Geo.

Acquabella panels: the solution for bathroom renovation

If you want to move away from classic tiling, Acquabella panels could be the ideal solution for bathroom renovation.

Find out about Acquabella’s new textures for the bathroom

When choosing bathroom items, we usually think of a combination of colours and materials, but what if the differentiating element in the aesthetics of the bathroom are the textures? Benefits of including textures in the bathroom If there is one thing that characterises Acquabella, apart from the quality of its products, it is its high-definition […]

Dolotek®: a soft-touch material for the bathroom

Practicality, purity, softness. These are the main characteristics of Dolotek®, Acquabella’s latest material.

Akron®: the resin and mineral-filled material for your bathroom

Akron, a patented resin and mineral-filled material for the bathroom

Acquabella starts up Europe’s largest automatic shower tray production line

Acquabella’s new automated shower tray production line uses advanced technology that will speed up production.

Acquabella Box Concept: An easy-to-install shower space

Did you know that the Acquabella panels were originally designed to easily replace the bathtub with a shower tray? In this article we go back to the origins to tell you about the Box Concept by Acquabella, which allows for a simple and complete renovation of the shower space.

Six keys to a complete bathroom renovation

When it comes to a complete bathroom renovation, there are lots of things to think of. In this article we will give you the six key elements to plan for a problem-free bathroom changeover.

Create your bathroom with Acquabella: the new 3D planner

The Spanish shower tray manufacturer is launching a new tool that will enable users to visualise projects carried out with Acquabella products: the 3D planner.

Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

Acquabella Virtual Tour. A journey that will transport us through various different scenarios where the Acquabella product is blended with nature, all thanks to technology.

Opal Quiz, the bathtub revolution

Acquabella continues to surprise with its bathroom innovations for 2021, and this time it does so with the stunning Opal Quiz bathtub.

Acquabella interactive catalogue: a new way to get to know the product

Acquabella, manufacturer of bathroom products, is employing brand new technology to launch the Acquabella interactive catalogue.

The Smart Quiz shower tray wins over design experts

After a year on the market, the Smart Quiz shower tray has been awarded the top European design and innovation prizes.

Textures in the bathroom

Textures in the bathroom bring a depth to the room. Playing with combinations of different finishes can give rise to styles that are quite surprising.

Fill your bathroom with tradition and design with Acquabella

Acquabella presents its new 2021 products with a perfect mix of tradition, innovation and design that can turn your bathroom into a unique and original place.

Inspiration for renovating a bathroom

Looking for inspiration to renovate a bathroom is an arduous task that requires time and dedication. How can I create the look I want? Where can I find inspiration? Will I get the style right? In this article, we lay out a guide to make the process easier for you.

How to design a timeless bathroom

The best solution for a hotel is creating a timeless bathroom where we don’t have to change key elements, such as the shower tray or countertop, unless necessary. At Acquabella, we’re sharing with you the keys to making that happen.

Acquabella is shortlisted for the SBID Product Design Awards 2020

Acquabella is among the impressive global design talent to have become a finalist in the SBID Product Design Awards 2020

Health in the bathroom: The benefits of showering

Since time immemorial, water has been of great importance to human beings. We are sharing with you the benefits of showering, so you can make the most of yours.

Introducing the new website

Guided by our passion for providing our clients with the best service, at Acquabella we’ve decided to adapt our website. Discover the new website.

Acquabella is inspired by the purest nature to launch the new Acquawhite collection

Líneas depuradas y minimalistas contornean los productos de la última colección de Acquabella, Acquawhite, que rinde homenaje a la belleza de la simplicidad

5 ideas for organisation in the bathroom

Organisation is essential in all the rooms that we use most often. In this article, we bring you 5 ideas for organisation in the bathroom.

Inspiring destinations for decorating your bathroom

It is possible to travel without even leaving your home. We are travelling to various different destinations via inspirational bathroom decor.

Health and hygiene in the bathroom

A germ-free bathroom? Learn about the easy-to-clean and antibacterial properties of Acquabella products for making your bathroom a safe space.

Acquabella and its Quiz Collection in the fight against the coronavirus in the world

Acquabella is helping to respond to the international emergency crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

Interview | Human Resources Director

“We embrace diversity and like to give opportunities to those who lack work experience but have the right attitude”

Acquabella wins the final round of the European Business Awards 2019

The leading company in the manufacture of shower trays and bathroom fittings won the European award for the Business of the Year and has thus strengthened its position in the industry.

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