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The sink that adapts to your needs

The sink that adapts to your needs

December 2018 | Advice

Countertop or integrated, suspended or built-in… What type of sink to choose? We will help you decide.

The choice of the sink is one of the first decisions we must make when designing (or renovating) a bathroom. The shape and dimensions of the sink will affect both the aesthetic and the distribution of the other elements in the space. Therefore, it is important to find the sink that best adapts to your needs and, at the same time, satisfies your personal preferences.

Among current trends, we can highlight the countertop sinks, which, as their name suggests, can be installed on the countertop or on a piece of furniture. Normally, they are installed next to a high tap or built into the wall. The main advantage is that it is more difficult for water to fall on the countertop or to splash the mirror, helping to keep the bathroom clean.

Also, by raising the height by a few centimetres, it is ideal for tall people, given that the conventional height of sinks (82-86 cm) can seem low. However, those who choose them are usually attracted by their design, as they give a very cutting-edge and decorative feel.

For their part, the integrated sinks stand out for their versatility, as we can opt for a custom-made piece or choose between different sizes, allowing us to adapt them to both large and small bathrooms. Aesthetically, they match modern bathrooms of different styles, given that depending on the colour and the finish, they adapt to spaces that are minimalist, rustic, Nordic…

If it is decided to install them so that they are suspended, this frees up space on the floor, facilitating access for people with reduced mobility and simplifying cleaning. Furthermore, as there are no seals between the basin and the countertop, there is no accumulation of dirt inside the corners.

Depending on the storage needs, we can opt for a suspended sink or a sink placed over a piece of furniture. At the same time, we can opt for furniture with shelves or for furniture with drawers or a door, so that nothing is visible.

It is also essential to consider how many people use the bathroom. If the space permits, it can be very useful to install a double sink. There are integrated double sinks, such as the Infinity 2, but there can also be double countertop sinks.

In any case, the fundamental basis to achieve a sensational bathroom is to choose furniture and decorative elements that have both design and functionality.

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