Bathroom trends for 2020
Bathroom trends for 2020

Bathroom trends for 2020

December 2019 | Inspiration

2020 is fast approaching, so here is a summary of the main trends and styles that will take centre stage in the coming year.

2020 is fast approaching. The most prestigious décor and interior design magazines are already saying what the bathroom trends and styles will be. A strong commitment to minimalism, the playfulness of geometric shapes, the prominence of wallpaper and the plethora of natural elements are some of the trends that will be everywhere in the coming months.

The bathroom has always been considered a dull space dedicated to our intimate hygiene, but this simplistic view is changing to give it a greater prominence in the home, just as is already happening with other rooms, such as the kitchen.

There is an increasingly wider range of options for choosing finishes, colours or shapes for the bathroom. These are the main trends for 2020.

Wood cladding

Wood as a cladding, combined with various tones depending on whether you want more brightness or intimacy, will come back into fashion. Vintage and industrial trends with classic touches will prevail. The blend of white with light shades of wood, such as birch or beech, will triumph.

Attractive rustic look

The use of wood will be combined with materials such as natural stone and ironwork to give the bathroom a warmer, more rustic, relaxed and elegant look. The use of natural stone will tie in with the predominance of earthy colours and the use of plants and flowers.

Charming vintage ambience

It’s not just the classic rustic style that will feature in bathrooms in 2020. You can also opt for a more vintage ambience, based on golden touches or tiles. This trend will become more and more popular in homes.

Separate spaces

Walls will make way for the installation of glass or wall panels to physically separate the shower and bathroom as such, or the bathroom itself from the bedroom. In this way, the different areas of the home will blend in more.

The prominence of wallpaper

For some years now, wallpaper has been making a comeback in home decoration. In 2020, it will gain momentum as a wall covering instead of tiles. Geometric, floral or natural designs will be some of the styles to give a playful touch to your bathroom area. Vinyl wallpaper means that you don’t have to worry about humidity.

The panel as a wall covering

The appeal of wallpaper will not undermine the popularity of using panels for obvious reasons: they conceal joins between tiles, they’re a light product and are also easy to install. Without doubt, a safe bet for the shower and washbasin areas.

The attraction of black

Black will break the stigma that keeps it out of the bathroom to bring a large dose of elegance and relaxation. Geometric shapes in dark shades will provide a clear bold touch to the most intimate corner of the house.

Use of bright shades

Despite the growing acceptance of black, bright and warm colours traditionally associated with summer, such as mustard or coral, will continue being used in bathrooms to prolong that summer spirit through the rest of the year.

Acquabella offers a wide range of products which respond to new trends. Among them is the new Smart Fusion shower tray with geometric motifs and a ground-breaking design based on the combination of textures and concealing the drain in the centre with a fully integrated grille. Updating your bathroom with creativity and nonconformity is in your power.

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