Akron: the resin and mineral-filled material for your bathroom

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Akron®: the resin and mineral-filled material for your bathroom

November 2021 | ACQUABELLA

Acquabella knew how to anticipate the needs of its customers. That’s how, more than 10 years ago, it created Akron®, a patented resin and mineral-filled material for the bathroom that is still in great demand today.

In recent years the bathroom has been gaining a prominence that until now it did not have, becoming one of the most important rooms of a house or hotel. This room is now the subject of interior design, and now we are not only looking for practical and durable elements for the bathroom, but we have become more demanding and also want them to be innovative, decorative, customisable… We want bathroom products to maintain quality and resistance, but also to say something about us. To meet these needs, new materials have emerged, such as Akron®, Acquabella’s patented resin and mineral filler material.

What is Akron®?

Akron is a compound of polyurethane and high-quality mineral fillers and variable particle size. Once these two materials are united in a mass, they are fused and compacted, leaving a finish which is solid and reinforced and highly impact resistant. The polyurethane used is obtained with polyether polyols that guarantee magnificent properties of resistance to hydrolysis, that is to say, even if water comes into contact with the inside of the product, it will not damage it.

The surface of the product is treated with a thin layer of polyurethane acrylic, which guarantees total physical-chemical integration with the substrate. Thanks to the thin coating, excellent results in terms of texture are achieved.


Resistant to hydrolysis: the polyurethane used in the mass is not damaged by contact with water

Impact resistant: Akron® has proven to be highly resistant to small impacts

Resistant to thermal shock: this material is certified as Class 1 in UNE-EN 14527:2006 + A1:2010. This standard ensures that Akron® is highly resistant to thermal shock, having passed rigorous tests that endorse it.

Certified antibacterial: Due to the qualities of polyurethane, Akron® is an antibacterial material, reinforcing hygiene in the home.

Anti-slip: The high-definition textures that characterise the brand make it anti-slip, an essential feature in the case of shower trays.

Easy to cut: This quality is the reason why Akron® products are, for the most part, made-to-measure and can be customised in shape and size

HD Textures: Acquabella offers eight different textures, all high definition, ensuring a unique finish. From the Slate texture, in slate finish, to the avant-garde Quiz texture

Rejilla del plato de ducha a medida de Flow Zero de Acquabella


Akron® material has proven to be very versatile and can be adapted for multiple purposes. At Acquabella, we offer a complete bathroom solution, including custom shower trays, custom worktops, bathtubs, sinks, vanity panels and other accessories, all of which are easy to clean and customisable in over 2,000 colours.

The quality and innovation of Acquabella’s Akron® products has been endorsed by numerous international expert panels, which have highlighted some of the products, such as the Smart Quiz and Tempo Arabba shower trays or the Opal Quiz bathtub.


Products made in Akron® are very easy to maintain. For everyday use, simply rinse with a soft cloth and water. For deeper cleaning, non-abrasive products are recommended in order to guarantee the product stays at its best for many years. In the event of any damage, it is an easily repairable material. Acquabella provides its customers with repair kits that will make the product as good as new with little effort, ensuring a long life cycle.

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