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Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

Acquabella Virtual Tour: a journey through the senses

April 2021 | ACQUABELLA, Fairs and events, Acquawhite, Inspiration

New technologies allow us to do amazing things that were unimaginable a few years ago. Today, Acquabella makes this technology available to its customers with an innovative project that will immerse users in an unprecedented virtual experience: the Acquabella Virtual Tour.

A new reality is possible in the world created by Acquabella. A journey that will transport us through various different scenarios where the Acquabella product is blended with nature, all thanks to technology.

Unlimited virtual immersion

What sets this tour apart from others is its high quality and the ability to move freely throughout the platform, using the latest generation of video game technology. But we must not forget that the purpose of this tool is to publicise the product, thus going some way to make up for the lack of fairs as a result of the pandemic. The Acquabella Virtual Tour offers exceptional realism through appreciation of its eight different textures: Quiz, Arabba, Ethnic, Slate, Ardesia, Beton, Nude and even the Zero microtexture. It also allows you to customise the colour of the products with any of the more than 2,000 available colours, and you can also choose from the Standard and Naturally Made ranges, or any others offered in the NCS chart. Once you’ve chosen the appearance for the products, you can even capture the image and save it on your computer. Another of the tour’s features is the “drone” function, which is recommended for shower trays. You can also see how the design looks at different times of the day using the night mode, which will also provide some additional relaxation.

The Acquabella Virtual Tour begins 

Our journey begins in a central glass dome, from where you can observe the whole world that has been designed by the Acquabella team. In this dome you will find a small fair, arranged with the Dolotek product displayed on one side, Akron on the other, and a third section dedicated to the more technical details. Each stand contains the essence of the world it represents, and if you click on one of them, the Acquabella experience will begin.

We start in the Flow Zero environment, a shower tray whose soft lines and texture will remind you of flowing water, so, understandably, the setting is located on top of a tropical waterfall. You can then follow the path, with the sound accompanying you with every step, as it begins to change along with the landscape until you arrive at a cosy tree house that exudes warmth and nature, as does the Arabbatexture, whose appearance evokes tradition and natural fibres. After descending the spiral staircase, you will arrive at a hut in the middle of the rainforest, home to the Ethnic texture, which found its inspiration from the bark of the trees. You will then leave behind the vegetation to venture into an increasingly rocky terrain with modernist constructions to arrive at an environment full of glamour, a house inspired by the 1920s, full of curved lines and with a nod to the characteristic round drain from the Focus Beton shower tray that gives life to this environment. Follow the Beton texture trail and you’ll find a building on a cliff overlooking the sea, perfect for the minimalist Base Beton shower tray.

We have already completed half of the route, but there is still more to discover. This is how you’ll find the most avant-garde building on the platform, which is home to the Smart Quiz shower tray. Our next stop is the residence of the Base Slate shower tray, which is as versatile, elegant and simple as its host. You’ll begin to feel more and more sand under your feet as you approach the Duo Slate environment, where water and earth come together, inspired by the Duo model, which offers two entirely different finishes. The desert takes over the landscape in the next room, with a few plants dotted around to capture the softness and warmth of the Arq Zero shower tray, located inside a building that is also framed and formed from straight lines. The vegetation gradually fills the terrain to introduce you to the final environment, which is overflowing with a sense of harmony, fragility and calm that is only possible thanks to the recreation of natural skin captured by the Base Nude bespoke shower tray.

Immerse yourself in the experience

You can find the Acquabella Virtual Tour in the “interactive area” of the website,, and there are several options that will allow you to enjoy the experience at your convenience: if you want to immerse yourself in the high-quality Acquabella universe and enjoy all the features in a tour guided by the company’s sales staff, all you need to do is fill in a simple form and they will contact you to arrange an appointment. There is also the option to download the tour on your computer and Acquabella offers the possibility to discover this universe without even leaving the tab, thanks to the 360 version, although it is slightly less interactive, in terms of free movement and changing product colours, but all the explanations will be there, thanks to the icons alongside the products that provide you with all the information you could need, a feature that is also present in the other versions.

Enter the Acquabella universe and discover its products in detail in the most innovative way by clicking on

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