Acquabella presents its contract solutions for bathrooms
Acquabella presents its contract solutions for bathrooms

Acquabella presents its contract solutions for bathrooms

November 2021 | Uncategorized

The brand has decided to bring together all its projects in a single catalogue in which it presents its contract solutions.

Acquabella, a brand specialising in resin and mineral filler products for the bathroom, has extensive experience in the world of contracts, having participated in hundreds of hotel and residential projects. Now it brings together all these projects in the Hotels & Projects catalogue, a source of inspiration and confidence for professionals in the sector. This catalogue aims to bring the company’s wide range of products, which in the field of contracting are very practical, to the notice of those interested.

Acquabella contract solutions


Shower trays, bathtubs, worktops, sinks and panels are just some of the Acquabella solutions for the bathroom, all made of Akron® or Dolotek®, the brand’s two materials. Akron® provides high definition textures and the total customisation of shapes, sizes and colours, while Dolotek® is a pure white, soft touch material. What they have in common is that they are both high quality, durable and repairable.

From a technical point of view, these products are easy to install, adaptable to all types of corners and with certificates that guarantee their quality and reliability.

As for installation, a brief look at the Acquabella website will give you an idea of how easy this step is. In the case of shower trays, an installation can be flush, standard or raised. Akron® material also offers the possibility of cutting to size, with the product adapting to the space and not the other way round, a feature that provides added value in the event that the room has unusual angles or uncomfortable pillars.

Cuarto de baño Acquabella en el residencial Almadraba

Certificates are also a factor to be taken into account, as they are proven evidence of the reliability of the brand. Construplas S.L.U., the company which owns the Acquabella brand, is recognised with ISO 9001:2015 Certification by SGS, a seal of guarantee in service and products offered, but the latter also have their own certificate, which guarantees, for example, the antibacterial nature of the product, its degree of anti-slip and impact resistance.

In addition to the products offered by the brand, Acquabella offers its customers a consultancy service to accompany them during the development of a project. Thanks to this service the customer will be able to make the decision that best suits his or her project, both in terms of material, finish, style, type of product, most suitable installation, customised cuts and plans with which to visualise the final result.

Sections of the new Hotels & Projects catalogue

Edificio Abril

The catalogue begins with a declaration of intent, in which the company makes clear the values it has followed for years. Indeed, these values of continuous improvement, attention to detail, excellent service, innovation and personalisation have today made the company leaders in the sector. Here also is Acquabella’s value proposition. Why choose this brand over others? Here we have the answer, together with the presentation of Akron® and Dolotek® materials.

The core of the Hotels & Projects catalogue is made up of a presentation of residential and hotel projects in which the Acquabella brand is the protagonist. Real large scale and quality images in which we can appreciate the context of the project, the quality of the finish and the final appearance of the installation. An inspirational guide that also supports Acquabella’s track record over the years.

With the Hotels & Projects catalogue, the brand seeks to get closer to specifiers and professionals in the sector, inviting them to get to know first-hand the possibilities that Acquabella can offer. One more tool in the customer service of the brand.

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