Acquabella panels: the solution for bathroom renovation

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Acquabella panels: the solution for bathroom renovation

February 2023 | Advice, Products, ACQUABELLA

When we are renovating a bathroom, we forget that the walls will need to deal with constant humidity, withstand temperature changes and condensation, and also be made from a non-porous material that is easy to clean. If you want an alternative to the classic tile, Acquabella’s wall cladding panels are the best solution for a simple and stylish bathroom renovation.

With Acquabella decorative panels, imagination is the limit. This wall cladding will fill your bathroom with design, elegance and harmony, thanks to the textures, colours and height it offers. It is also versatile, easy to install and benefits from all the properties of the AKRON® material.

Solution for bathroom renovation with Acquabella panels

Hera panel

In line with the latest trends in bathroom design, Acquabella is now offering a new decorative panel, Hera wall covering, in the form of soft waves that will bring an extra level of design to your bathroom. Our advice: if you want to add dynamism and create depth this year, play with indirect lighting on your ceilings and walls or opt for modern mirrors with LED lights.

Quiz panel

Our latest product. This panel Quiz represents the culmination of 25 years of innovative creations, turning your bathroom into a piece of design. What’s more, the AKRON material we use to manufacture all our panels ensures easy cleaning and disinfection.

Paneles Quiz

Muretto Vintage

We’ve managed to accurately recreate a brick wall effect that will make your bathroom the ideal place to relax. Create handcrafted finishes and the most natural textures you can imagine, simply by installing a panel that’ll also ensure top-quality cleaning with minimal effort.

panel muretto


You can travel to the coast without leaving home: our Venetian panels’ longitudinal slats will give your bathroom a breath of fresh air. Choose the Slate, Ardesia or Nude texture and combine Venetian panels with the Basic panels to create a unique, welcoming and casual design.

Muretto Loft

Make your bathroom speak for you with Acquabella Muretto Loft panels. Play with colours, fill the room with vitality and create an inspiring space with this sliding panel’s beauty and minimalist design.

Basic panels

They say that good taste lies in simplicity, and our Basic panels are no exception. All Acquabella textures are available for our Basic panels, which are made to measure in a wide range of colours. With the Basic panels, you can create a bathroom that is simple but full of personality.

Panel Slate Capuccino

And finally, dare to be creative! Decorate your bathroom with Acquabella wall cladding panels, limiting the cladding to one single area, or combining different models to create a unique room that conveys all your creativity. Renovate your bathroom in a simple way with Acquabella’s wall cladding panels.

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