Which Acquabella bespoke worktop to choose for each bathroom
Acquabella bespoke worktops

Acquabella bespoke worktops

March 2020 | Inspiration, Inspiration, Advice, Advice

Main bathroom or guest bathroom? For families, couples or just for one? Big or small? We help you choose the ideal Acquabella bespoke worktop for every occasion.

If the shower tray is the star of the bathrooms, the washbasin bespoke worktop is the perfect companion. The key is to combine design and functionality, the two elements to be considered in achieving the perfect bathroom.

At Acquabella we have four bespoke worktops models that will provide you with the solution to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Integra bespoke worktop

This faithful reproduction of elegant and uniform slate is the essence of the texture that makes up this bespoke worktop model. With standard measurements and a built-in washbasin, these bespoke worktops are a simple solution for a modern and minimalist bathroom.

The smallest of the versions, 60×46.5cm, can be a good option for a small toilet or the bathroom of a business, while those who are more daring and have more space can opt for the Integra120 XL model, with a single cavity of 104×26’7cm that will become the centre of attention.

Encimera Integra

If there are more than one of you at home and you need to use the bathroom at the same time, the Integra 2 bespoke worktop will help you to put an end to your morning routine disputes, it can come with dimensions of 120 or 140cm, with two basins that will eliminate having to wait for a free basin.

Infinity bespoke worktop

If you liked the Integra countertop but are a customisation enthusiast, the Infinity collection is the answer. Available in six of our textures: Slate, Beton, Nude, Ardesia, Zero and Ethnic, this model offers total adaptability for the user, with one or two basins in up to three different sizes, 42, 52 or 62 cm long, which may be placed in any position.

If you like to have everything at hand, you can opt for a 150cm Infinity bespoke worktop with the cavity to one side so that there is plenty of space for your personal items, or a 220cm bespoke worktop with two basins so that you can share without invading.

Encimera Infinity 2 Slate Blanco

But if there is something that we must have at hand, it’s towels, and this model, in its version with drop front or reduced drop front, allows you to include a mechanised or metallic towel rack to make your bathroom even more functional.

One bespoke worktop

The simplest of our bespoke worktops, designed to accommodate the On-Top washbasins or act as a support shelf, adapts to any size of bathroom, as you can choose the size you prefer between 70 and 220 cm and, as with the Infinity model, you have the possibility of including a mechanised or metallic towel rail in its drop front version.

Encimera One Beton Blanco

As you can see, there are many solutions that a Acquabella bespoke worktop can bring to your bathroom. Once you’re sure of the solution to best suit you and the style you want to give to the bathroom, you just have to decide which one you like best.

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