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5 ideas for organisation in the bathroom

5 ideas for organisation in the bathroom

July 2020 | Advice, ACQUABELLA

Organisation is essential in all the rooms that we use most often. We must endeavour to have everything we use meticulously at hand but, at the same time, not lose the room’s sense of organisation or overload its surfaces. In this article, we bring you 5 ideas for organisation in the bathroom.

Under-worktop furniture

If we have a lot to store, this is the right choice. Acquabella offers four large storage options.

The Urban unit (min. 79X45.4X48 cm – max. 119X45.4X48 cm), with two drawers and a cabinet, is perfect for a family sharing a bathroom. You have the option of choosing a matt white finish or a natural oak wood finish. The unit is available with a floor support metal structure that includes a towel rail, making it a more functional and industrial-style piece. Without this addition, the furniture becomes a minimalist element.

Mueble Urban madera con estructura de metal - Acquabella

The Box unit is comprised of a large drawer with a minimum format of 80X45.5X38 cm and a maximum of 120X45.5X38 cm, and can be customised not only in terms of size, but also in terms of finish: natural walnut or matt white. You can place a worktop on top of it, or use it as a single suspended module.

Detalle mueble Box - Acquabella

Show is a unit that perfectly combines with our bespoke worktops. Lacquered in white, we can customise the front with any of the Akron textures and colours available (min. 80X42X29.5 cm – max. 90X42X29.5 cm)

Paneles Quiz

The Integra Madera unit, between 79.5 and 119.5 cm, comes in natural walnut or Akron finish. Its drawer offers a mid-size storage capacity that is complemented by its upper shelf, which we can also use as storage.

Mueble Integra 120 XL - Acquabella


In case you have little to store or, on the contrary, you need some extra space, Acquabella recommends that you choose the Box or Show cabinets. Similar in size and, in the case of the latter, with a customisable front section, they are the perfect storage system: everything is within reach and, in the case of the Show cabinet, it is possible to incorporate a towel rail to make it even more functional.

Support shelves

The Integra unit, in addition to the wooden version mentioned above, is available in a floor version and in an Akron version, two structures that follow similar lines: both have a metal structure and offer a single support shelf in Akron finish where we can organise all our belongings. For those who love order and minimalism, it is the ideal bathroom accessory.

Encimera Integra 80x46,5 NCS

On-top furniture

The best choice for small toilets and bathrooms in establishments or hotels. The On-top furniture series is designed exclusively for homonymous sinks and will give any bathroom an original touch. With a metal frame and customisable Akron shelf, it offers a decent storage system within its own structure.

baño mueble metal industrial on top


Shelves are perhaps the most fundamental method of organisation in any bathroom. Whether they are for the shower area or to store creams, colognes and other items, few bathrooms lack them. Acquabella offers three shelf options:

Corner Show Shelf, designed to make use of every corner and ideal for the shower area.

The Show Shelf, available in Slate, Ardesia, Nude, Beton, Zero and Ethnic textures, offers excellent combinations with the rest of the décor.

Box, the most versatile of the Acquabella shelves, has hidden hangers at the bottom and an additional shelf at the top.

Taking into account all these options for organisation in the bathroom, all that is left is to find the right combination that best suits our needs. Then, we will create a beautiful, organised and functional bathroom.

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